Meet Pam

Pam Chase is the owner of PChase Interior Planning & Design. Having been in the design field for over twenty years working on residential and commercial projects, her company is guided by the simple idea that good design is about more than just the look of the’s about the people who live in it. Pam also believes the interior design process should be unpretentious, fun, fresh and create spaces that reflect her client’s imagination, vision and personal style and providing a well conceived, functional design plan that compliments your lifestyle.


Whether I am engaged in a full-scale remodel or a single room refresh, my goal is to provide a well conceived, functional design plan that complements your lifestyle, implemented on a budget and on time. Some of my clientele want to be part of the entire process, while others simply want to approve the design concept and watch it come to life. In either case I want to ensure that clients enjoy the process.